Monitor the future of Retail and Shopping

Let trendtracker support you in strategic decisions and innovation. Scout and monitor trends, get access to a wealth of trend information tailored to retail.

Obtain a competitive advantage by understand key drivers of change impacting your business.  Know which trends impact you, see early signals, and upcoming trends, earlier than competition.

Unleash a disrupter mindset. Inspire & challenge your team and your stakeholders with real-time, personalized trend news & insights.

Save time, effort and money in your strategy and innovation research while being the first to spot new opportunities and threats.


Start exploring retail trends and learn how to respond to future changes.

A better way to understand the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of future changes impacting the retail ecosystem through AI-driven strategic insights.

The trendtracker intelligence platform provides you with personalized insights, where predictions power opportunities, and where novel insights are the norm.

Our cutting-edge technology combines the foresight of AI, the domain knowledge of data science, and huge, high velocity data pools, to deliver highly validated answers to your innovation questions.

We help you identify consumer needs early, predict meaningful trends, map out strategic innovation areas, map competitor & startup innovation activity and even suggest strategic actions to take.

AI-supported decision-making

Our AI uncovers trends impacting you, continuously scouting for emerging innovation opportunities by leveraging thousands of diverse, external data sources and automating strategic research.

Explore +150 trends within a broad variety of retail themes

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