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Make AI-driven decisions that fuel innovation, power winning strategies and grow your brand.

Scout, monitor and forecast all kinds of business and consumer trends. Know which trends will impact you, and detect weak signals and emerging trends earlier than your competitors.

Get access to a wealth of tailored strategic information.

Obtain a competitive advantage while saving time, effort and money.

“We need to plan ahead in a world that is constantly changing. Long-term strategic thinking has become part of the DNA of our organisation. The Trendtracker strategic intelligence platform is a good guide to help us steer through an ever-growing maze of options and complexity. The AI-driven insights are helping us more and more in our decision-making.”

Hans De Cuyper

CEO, Ageas Group

Today’s challenges require a long-term mindset fuelled by data-driven decisions

In today’s fast-changing, unpredictable world, it is becoming increasingly hard to accurately identify impactful trends in good time. Data capture is essential to scout every trend in your continuous search for change and innovation, but it can seem like an impossible task when you are faced with a constant deluge of information.


of companies that make
data-driven decisions achieve
their business goals.



more revenue for companies who have a long-term mindset.



of consumers have
changed their behaviour
this year.


Trendtracker, our strategic intelligence platform, does this work for you by applying AI techniques to hundreds of millions of documents worldwide. Trendtracker helps you question and validate your assumptions and enables you to dig much deeper than you thought possible across a much broader spectrum. As a result, you end up with a much richer, multifaceted perspective on your future world, which helps you set priorities and make sound, future-proof decisions.

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High-quality, carefully curated big data fuel our algorithms, helping you discover and leverage the smallest piece of hidden trend information.

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Humans get tired, computers don’t. Our automated trend analytics enable you to continuously monitor and analyse trends within every industry or context. Updates about important changes in your sector are delivered automatically.

Focus on what matters

State-of-the-art models and algorithms reduce the effort it takes to gather data and extract information about trends. Why waste weeks or months of labour to obtain something we can generate in the blink of an eye with far more detail?

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