AI-driven strategic intelligence

Create your future by monitoring key trends. Understand what will hit you and your customers. Know how and when to act.

Decode the future

Make AI-supported decisions to grow your brand, fuel innovation, and power winning strategies.

We support you in strategic decisions and innovation. We let you scout and monitor trends, and give you access to a wealth of strategic information about changes in your market and beyond and we tailor our insights to your challenges.

Obtain a competitive advantage by understanding key drivers of change impacting your business.  Know which trends impact you, see early signals, and upcoming trends, earlier than competition.

Save time, effort and money in your strategic research while being the first to spot new opportunities and threats.

These clients & partners are convinced

We need to plan ahead in a world that is constantly changing. Long-term strategic thinking has become part of the DNA of our organisation. The A.I. of Trendtracker helps us more and more in our decision-making.

The Trendtracker strategic analytics platform is a good guide to help us to give direction in that ever growing maze of options and complexity.

Hans De Cuyper

CEO, Ageas Group

Today’s challenges require a long-term mindset fueled by data-driven decisions


of companies that make
data-driven decisions achieve
business goals.



more revenue for companies who have a long-term mindset.



of consumers have completely
changed their shopping behavior
this year.


We've built strategic intelligence technology that continuously monitors your future.

In your continuous search for change and innovation you need to catch the data to scout all the trends, but with a constant overflow of information, this work seems impossible. Trendtracker does this work for you, we continuously monitor and analyse trend dynamics by applying machine learning techniques on hundreds of millions of worldwide documents. We focus our insights on answering strategic challenges. Trendtracker supports you with the knowledge you need, to make strong & future-proof decisions.

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The trend analysis produced by Trensition was an excellent complement to the desk research and interviews we did on the future of public lighting. I especially appreciated the diversity of the sourced material, from academic publications to foreign news articles. Aside from providing excellent technology, Trensition also provided excellent customer support.

Michaël Geelhand de Merxem

General Manager, The Beacon

We monitor all business themes

No matter what your industry is. No matter what your specific innovation or strategic challenge is, you can rest assured that we can monitor every domain of interest and that the intelligence delivered is personalized to your specific context and goals.

We map trends and making predictions on the impact they have on you. Not all trends evolve with the same dynamics in an industry or region in the world, is dependent on many factors. 

We support you how you, as an organization, should respond to a given trend  This could include acting upon it, focusing on a specific business model, a certain type of consumer, or a particular strategic positioning or started to plan for it and performing strategic deep dives on the trend and so on. This is how the Trendtacker platform delivers insights accordingly.

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The project has indirectly received funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme through the STADIEM project (Grant Agreement 957321)

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Use combined power of


Anticipate change

High quality big data fuel our algorithms, resulting in the discovery and leverage of the smallest piece of hidden trend information.

Never miss a trend again 

Humans get tired, computers don’t. Our automated trend analytics enable you to continuously monitor and analyse trends within every context. You obtain automated updates about important changes in your sector.

Focus on what matters

State-of-the-art models and algorithms that reduce your effort to gather data and extract information about trends. Why waste weeks or months of labor to obtain something we can realize in a blink of an eye with far more detail?

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