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Access the world’s most advanced trend analytics engine. 

 Analyze trends impacting your organization. 

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Data-driven strategic decisions

Every day, decision-makers need to make choices about the future direction of their organizations.

Yet, due to a fast-changing world, it has never been harder to see the big picture and timely anticipate to future changesEmbracing uncertainty is the best way to confront external forces. Seeking out weak signals by looking through the lenses of macro change is the best possible way to make sure your organization stays ahead of the next wave of disruption. 

Our proprietary trend analytics technology analyzes these trend dynamics by applying machine learning techniques on hundreds of millions of documents. We analyze and quantify which trends impact your organization within every imaginable context, giving you the opportunity to timely adjust or define new strategies and remain competitive  in the future. Better yet, it’s how you could find yourself leading your entire industry into the future.



Global power shifts, the transformation of economic models and the very fabric of our societies, converging trends, uses and misuses of technology, contrasting demographic evolutionary patterns, and humanity’s growing ecological footprint.

The world is well on its way towards a new geopolitical, economic and technological order.

How will your organization thrive and survive in this fast-changing world?

The future is now, and tomorrow’s challenges (and opportunities) are determined by today’s choices.


Check out how we support international insurance group Ageas by analyzing their business environment, from the past to the present, and beyond, to the year 2030.

Applying our trend insights to your business

SUPPORT your strategy

Our In-depth trend reports combine strategic thinking with cutting-edge data science.

We support you to create a future vision 

We help you see disruptions and understand their impact, anticipate and define future-proof strategies

We tailor insights to your the specific business context.

FOCUS your innovation

Our trend search engine and in-house developed algorithms provide you with detailed trend insights. 

We offer a solution for continuous trend watching

We fuel your innovation programs and support you launching new products, services and ventures

We help you focus on impactful and smarter innovation

What are the benefits ?

High-quality data

Curated, unstructured data are the foundation of our analyzes. Our proprietary technology leverages the data in an unprecedented way and provides you with the most profound and reliable trend insights in the market.

Never miss a trend again 

Our trend search engine enables you to continuously monitor and analyze a plethora of trends within every imaginable context (industrial, societal, cultural, …). This is how we help you to identify the ‘unknown unknowns’.

Science, not prophecy

Our models, resulting from more than two years of academic-level research, generate 360° trend insights that provide you a competitive advantage through faster, fact-based decision-making for the future.

Trend News, Insights and Cases

Quantum computing

Quantum computing

There is a lot of talk about quantum computing. Some say it's reached quantum supremacy, there was a case of information teleportation, but still, a lot of experts are critical.As quantitative futurists, we like to look at our data to look for answers.And we see...

Extending urban mobility to the third dimension

Extending urban mobility to the third dimension

The Jetsons If you were born in the period between 1965 and 1980, it is likely that you grew up watching The Jetsons on television. The Jetsons was a popular American animated sitcom about a family living in the future. In the imaginary world presented in this series,...



At Trensition, we think about the future, day in, day out. Our job is to contemplate about what will happen in two, five or ten years and byeond from now. You might call us futurists, trend watchers or visionairs, but we like to think of ourselves as future analysts....

The Token Economy

The Token Economy

Blockchain is exploding The “Token Economy” is currently booming. The token economy is intrinsically tied to blockchain technology. So, it’s probably a good idea to start this snackbite with a look at how blockchain is doing in the tech space. The answer?...

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