Create your future with AI-driven trend analytics

and stay ahead of your competitors


Support your strategy & innovation
using real-time trend insights.

Let data support you in strategic decisions and innovation. Get access to a wealth of trend information tailored to your sector.

Obtain a competitive advantage by understand key drivers of change impacting your business.  Know which trends impact you, see early signals, and upcoming trends, earlier than competition.

Unleash a disrupter mindset. Inspire & challenge your team and your stakeholders with real-time trend news & insights.

Save time, effort and money by being the first to spot new opportunities and threats.  

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These clients are convinced

Delivering a data-driven approach for trend scouting based on huge volumes of data and use cases sourced through artificial intelligence is some kind of magicTrensition brought so much more clarity around the current and potential impact of trends and the speed of adoption. I can now share that intelligence as an essential piece of strategic advice on what (not) to look at, where to prioritize innovation and speed up and flag some alerts.

Gilke Eeckhoudt

Strategy & corporate affairs director, Ageas

Analytics technology that continuously monitors your future

Our trend monitoring platform was developed to meet the needs and endless curiosity of innovation and strategy executives, just like you. In your continuous search for change and innovation you need to catch the data to scout all the trends, but with a constant overflow of information, this work seems impossible. Our trend analytics technology does this work for you, we continuously monitor and analyse trend dynamics by applying machine learning techniques on hundreds of millions of worldwide documents. Our data supports you with the knowledge you need, to make strong & future-proof decisions. 

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Anticipate change

High quality big data fuel our algorithms, resulting in the discovery and leverage of the smallest piece of hidden trend information.

Never miss a trend again 

Humans get tired, computers don’t. Our automated trend analytics enable you to continuously monitor and analyse trends within every context. You obtain automated updates about important changes in your sector.

Focus on what matters

State-of-the-art models and algorithms that reduce your effort to gather data and extract information about trends. Why waste weeks or months of labor to obtain something we can realize in a blink of an eye with far more detail?

Applying our trend insights to your business

SUPPORT your strategy

Make it possible to create a game changing and future-proof strategy, with real-time trend insights and in-depth knowledge specific for your sector.

Long-term strategic planning is hard, but supported by our massive datasets and cutting-edge AI algorithms you spend less time on collecting and processing data, and can focus on what really matters: strategic thinking.

You don’t stand alone in the search for early signals and possible disruption. We help you stay ahead of competition.

FOCUS your innovation

Innovate without ignorance and uncertainty. Our trend search engine and algorithms provide you with detailed trend insights.

Knowledge is the fuel for your innovation programs. It supports you in launching new products, services and ventures.

It’s all in the data, but you don’t have the time to process it all. We deliver the information you need, in a fast and comprehensive way

Keep your focus on impactful and smarter innovation.

drive the future with your lights on

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