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Trends in city planning and urban lighting

Trensition supports The Beacon by scouting emerging technology trends related to urban infrastructure and public lighting in cities.

Case study: The Beacon
Sector: Public


The trend insights provided by Trendtracker perfectly complemented the desk research and interviews we performed on the future of public lighting.

 I particularly appreciated the global insights and the diversity of the source material, which ranged from academic publications to foreign news articles. Aside from providing excellent technology, Trensition also provided excellent customer support.

Michaël Geelhand de Merxem General Manager, The Beacon

Strategic Question

What are the technology trends and emerging innovations related to urban public lighting?


Which trends within the future of lighting offer interesting prospects for further analysis?

What is going on within an urban context and beyond that presents opportunities?

Which cities and other case studies on a global scale offer interesting examples?


The city of Antwerp relies on more than 50,000 lighting points across its entire territory for its public lighting. To make these more sustainable and manage them within a structured vision, a Lighting Plan for the city has been drawn up and is currently being put into practice. The recommendations of the plan are always taken into account when developing and redeveloping public areas. That way, the city remains just as attractive at night as it does during the day.


Trensition built a Tailored Trend Radar together with The Beacon. This digital trend board was customised to the client and key trends were identified. A 360° trend analysis was performed on academic papers, patents, emerging technology and other topics.

Promising case studies from global cities were extracted and delivered as a source of inspiration for the community.


The trend board supports analysts in performing deep dives in the field of public lighting, with a focus on:

emerging technologies
smart city trends
lighting trends
case studies on public lighting and urban planning

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