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Understand innovation in the circular economy

Trensition informs P&G about how to tackle the circular economy and understand what scaling success models are out there.

Case: Procter & Gamble
Sector: personal care, home & fabric care
Number of employees: 110.000

Strategic Question

P&G needs to understand best-in-class case studies & examples of the circular economy in practice.


 What are key learnings from examples and case studies?

 What type of partnerships are companies creating to bring solutions to the market?

 What new and innovative business models are being tested?

 What is working, and what needs to be valid to win in the circular economy?

 What is coming/emerging next (to address)



As part of a new corporate sustainability strategy, P&G has set some ambitious goals for 2030.

To meet some of these goals, P&G wants to understand current best-in-class examples of the circular economy in practice. They need to know how to tackle the circular economy. They need to know what “platforms-enablers” need to be in place for the circular economy to thrive, including the consumer-facing ones with regards to

  1. participation/inspiration/incentivization of consumers to recycle/into the circular economy;
  2. accessible/seamless collections:  no consumer easy-collection means no circularity. Materials will end up stuck in the home or in the wrong streams.

Some of the goals defined by P&G are:

“100% of our leadership brands will enable and inspire responsible consumption.
100% of our consumer packaging will be recyclable or reusable.

We will build even greater trust through transparency, ingredient innovation and
sharing our safety science

We will find solutions so no P&G packaging will find its way to the ocean.

We will protect water for people and nature in priority basins.

We will collaborate on and invest in natural climate solutions that improve and restore critical ecosystems and support local communities.

We will purchase 100% renewable electricity globally, cut GHG emissions in half at
P&G sites* and be carbon neutral for the decade.

We will advance at least 10 significant supply chain partnerships to drive circularity
on climate, water or waste.

We will protect and enhance the forests we depend upon


To meet these needs, Trensition has provided an offline management summary report and an online trend radar that answers the key questions. This trend radar takes a global lens – yet concentrated on Europe, US and Singapore.

P&G uses the trend radar as a continuous inspiration point to stay up-to-date about articles dealing with case studies, and business models and discover new innovations related to the circular economy. It serves as an efficient, automated inspiration for short-, mid-and long-term innovation road mapping & strategic planning/monitoring related to the key questions.

The trend radar monitors the evolution of trends linked to 7 themes that have to analyse all aspects of the circular economy, form business models, specific strategies, digitization etc.

Circular Business Models

Circular Economy Strategies

Circular Materials / Design

Communication & Activator


Circular Economy Enablers

Reverse Logistics


5 leading circular economy value chains were also identified and a set of trends linked to the circular economy were mapped.

Value-chain specific trends – Electronics

Value-chain specific trends – Mobility

Value-chain specific trends – Packaging

Value-chain specific trends – Retail

Value-chain specific trends – Textiles


Trendtracker was used to perform the analysis on trending topics within the identified value chains and to find the most interesting scaling players. 

A specific circular economy trend board was created consisting of 98 trends linked to identified platform scaling enablers which provide in-depth quantitative trend insights, complemented with inspirational articles about business cases, startups, leading companies, and case studies in the circular economy.

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