World-class Data-Driven Trend Intelligence Tool 

We bring the the most accurate and profiond trend insights.

We combine big data with data science and A.I.

We evaluate, score, and visualize every trend and augment these metrics with insightful dynamic dashboards, converging trends, competitors, trend news & startup insights, and much more.

The trend intelligence tool that covers all types of trends.

It’s not easy to systematically assess your business environment for potentially future disruptive threats or to seize opportunities that can improve or reinvent your business. It’s something every company should do. We help you to see through the clutter. We cover all trends within your macro and micro environment.


Technology & Science

Technology and science trends incorporate all types technological progress and innovation, whether it’s software, hardware, information & communication.



Social trends include factors like consumer behavior,  demographics, religion, lifestyles, values, health. Social trends affect products and services and how that company answers to this new normal.



Economical trends are connected with goods, services, business models, and money. Directly affecting businesses, these trends reflect the state of the economy on a greater level — whether that be local or global. 



Trends include environmental aspects such as weather and climate change. Growing awareness of the potential impacts of climate change is affecting how companies operate and the products they offer, both creating new markets and diminishing or destroying existing ones.



Political trends determine the extent to which a government may influence the economy or a certain industry. For example, regulations, taxes, protectionism,… .


We are currently testing the platform preview with clients and partner organizations. 


We are launching the TrendTracker.ai platform late 2020.

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How can Trendtracker.ai benefit my business?

24/7 trend insights and news

Deep-dive intelligence about every trend impacting your organization at your fingertips. Proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing)  algorithms find every trend that is emerging, meaning no more blind spots for you. We deliver the relevant news and innovation at your fingertips

Connect the dots & personalize the future

Dynamic network clustering and association analysis is built-in, enabling you to understand the convergence and interlinking of trends. Put trends into context , group them into personalized radars and reports. Make sense of macro drivers, define and monitor your topics of the future.

Transparent insights and foresight

Our data model accurately scores the trends on trend life cycle, their impact and affecting time horizon and velocity. You can drill insights down to your industry and region. This gives you a competitive advantage through faster, fact-based decision making on which trends to back.

Inspire & Engage your community

Inspire your community by sharing trend insights and news, collaborate on personalized workspace, engage your community. Combine human community insights with data to profoundly understand the dynamics that are affecting your organization today and tomorrow.

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