AI-driven foresight for the world’s most impactful companies.

Understand the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of future trends impacting you.

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Get global outside-in perspectives tailored to you.


Our award-winning AI technology is the backbone of our platform. Trendtracker digests global news to deliver strategic trend insights completely tailored to your brand.

Continuously monitor trends and get AI-driven predictions.


Monitor emerging trends, analyse changes in your sector and get AI-driven trend predictions. Get up to speed in a fraction of the time and stay up to date 24/7.

Explore recommended trends and build automated trend radars.


Explore thousands of trends in the database and build personal trend radars enriched with 360° insights on the materialisation of innovation.

Stay on top of your industry, market and competitors.


Discover top startups, leading companies and competitor innovation activity. See how others are incorporating trends in their operating models.

Receive personalised news and proactive insights.


Let our AI be your trendwatcher. Receive a regular overview of all the relevant trend insights you need to make informed decisions.

Monitor all domains and types of trend.


Whatever the trend domain you are interested in, Trendtracker can monitor it. See any type of trend and discover what’s coming next in any industry.

What others are saying

“Trensition knows the difficulties and needs of strategy and innovation executives and how to provide these stakeholders with the data insights they need to make better strategic decisions.”

- Erwin Danis -

Director Innovation, Roularta Media Group

What are your benefits?

No more blind spots

Proprietary NLP (natural language processing) algorithms identify every emerging trend, meaning you’ll never be faced with another blind spot. We deliver relevant insights and news at your fingertips.

Connect the dots

Dynamic AI network clustering is built in, enabling you to understand the convergence and interlinking of trends. Put trends into context and group them into personalised trend boards.

Tailored forecasts

Our predictive AI engine accurately scores trends on their projected strength and effective time horizon. Drill down to obtain insights specific to your industry and region.

Inspire your community

Inspire your community by sharing trend boards, insights and news. Get the best of both worlds: combine human community intelligence and insights with objective, data-driven insights.

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