Strategic Decision Intelligence at Your Fingertips

A better way to understand the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of future changes impacting you through AI-driven strategic insights.

Get strategic, always-on insights on the future of your company

Trendtracker uses sophisticated network analysis and natural-language processing to find early signals of change, monitor the evolution of trends and analyse strategic actions among hundreds millions of online documents each month. No team could be as efficient to sift through the noise and discover what’s relevant for you. Save time, effort and money in your strategic research while being the first to spot new opportunities and threats.

A global outside-in perspective, tailored to you

Get a 360° view of future changes in your market

Monitor trends continuously

Monitor and assess new and emerging trends impacting you and assess the changes in your environment. Get up to speed in a fraction of the time and 24/7.

Find opportunities that others miss

Discover opportunities. Receive proactive periodical notifications with changes in your environment. See rankings op top trends, Get automatic insights why things change

Get AI-driven predictions

Learn from AI-driven probabilistic trend predictions on time range and impact level specifically for your context.

Make informed decisions

Understand trend evolution  enriched with both industry and region-specific insights. Harness the best of both worlds of AI-powered and human trend intelligence. Get AI-driven action suggestions.

Receive personalized insights

Stay up-to-date about the latest trends of interest. Receive AI-powered trend news updates once per month. Get inspired how other companies are incorporating trends in their operating models and much more.

Stay on top of your market

Discover and track all startups and companies, allowing you to track and evaluating companies for a potential acquisition, a minority investment, or partnership.


Companies who continuously assess their future business environment for potentially emerging threats outperform their competitors on all levels. Shaping & seizing opportunities that can improve or reinvent your business is something every company should do to stay competitive the coming years. But how do you do build in such strategic flexibility and stay on top of a world in constant flux in an efficient way? 

Trendtracker helps you to see through the clutter. We bring the most accurate and profound strategic insights by combining big data, data sciene and A.I. This allows you to find answers about the future of your company. 

Cutting-edge AI-driven strategic analytics platform

that monitors your future & enables better decisions.

What are your benefits?

24/7 trend insights and news

Deep-dive intelligence about every trend impacting your organization at your fingertips. Proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing)  algorithms find every trend that is emerging, meaning no more blind spots for you. We deliver the relevant news and innovation at your fingertips

Connect the dots & personalize the future

Dynamic network clustering and association analysis is built-in, enabling you to understand the convergence and interlinking of trends. Put trends into context , group them into personalized radars and reports. Make sense of macro drivers, define and monitor your topics of the future.

Transparent insights and forecasts

Our data model accurately scores the trends, their impact and affecting time horizon and change. You can drill insights down to your industry and region. This gives you a competitive advantage through faster, fact-based decision making on which trends to back.

Inspire & Engage your community

Inspire your community by sharing trend insights and news, collaborate on personalized workspace, engage your community. Combine human community insights with data to profoundly understand the dynamics that are affecting your organization today and tomorrow.

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