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Scout, monitor and forecast all kinds of business and consumer trends. Get access to a wealth of tailored strategic information. Obtain a competitive advantage while saving time, effort and money.

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With a Trendtracker subscription you get:

  • Unlimited access to our full trend database ( +1700 trends)

  • Access to expert-maintained trend preview boards

  • AI-based personal news feeds from 10000+ validated sources

  • Personalised and proactive trend inspiration and newsletters

  • AI-driven trend insights (actions, historical evolution and forecasting)

  • Industry, Innovation, Academic, Governmental, Regional insights

  • Market Intelligence (startup and company insights)
  • and much more

Customised for you

We understand that every company is unique with specific processes, trend scanning frameworks and different strategic challenges. Trendtracker is not your typical SaaS tool with limited customisation possibilities. We have built a layered technology stack which enables tailoring the platform. We have extensive experience with different international customers in different industries about tailoring our platform to support their requirements.

We are fully engaged to customise your plan of choice with the relevant add-ons, to truly match your team’s unique needs. Please contact us to learn more about the available options for customising and extending your plan to support your requirements.

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