Setting the new standard for future trend research.

The world’s first data-driven trend analysis service

It’s our human nature to contemplate about the future and to make estimates about the future evolution and impact of various kinds of phenomena and emerging trends on every aspect of our society.

At present, hundreds of thousands of documents are published worldwide every day. This results in a massive amount of unstructured data that, when combined with machine learning and new mathematical concepts, holds the potential to revolutionize the trend research domain and drastically improve our understanding of the past, the present and the future.

Trensition manages to abandon the status-quo and make a huge leap forward. Today, we are leading the revolution with our unique 100% data-driven trend analysis methodology. Strategists, innovators, industrial researchers and decision-makers all over the world rely on Trensition’s models to make well-informed decisions for the future.

We are a new breed of futurists, quantitative futurists. We make the uncertain future less uncertain.

What are the benefits of this approach?

High-quality data

Curated, unstructured data are the foundation of our analyzes. Our proprietary technology leverages the data in an unprecedented way and provides you with the most profound and reliable trend insights in the market.

Never miss a trend again 

Our trend search engine enables you to continuously monitor and analyze a plethora of trends within every imaginable context (industrial, societal, cultural, …). This is how we help you to identify the ‘unknown unknowns’.

Science, not prophecy

Our models, resulting from more than two years of academic-level research, generate 360° trend insights that provide you a competitive advantage through faster, fact-based decision-making for the future.

Transforming unstructured data into actionable trend insights


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Our data extraction engine ingests hundreds of millions of documents published by tens of thousands of data sources worldwide.

Each data source is periodically subjected to a thorough quality check. Untrustworthy data sources are banned.


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Data is automatically cleaned, structured, formatted and indexed for future analysis.


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Natural language processing techniques are applied to enrich the data. This enrichment step allows us to provide more detailed trend analysis in a faster way.


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Our proprietary models and metrics allow a 360° view on the temporal and geospatial dynamics of trends, within every imaginable context.

trend reports

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We summarize trend insights through a wide range of insightful visualizations and reports, tailored to your needs and interests.

strategy support

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We support organizations with the interpretation of trend insights and convert them into concrete and future-proof decisions and actions.

Applying our trend insights to your business

SUPPORT your strategy

Our in-depth trend reports and clear data visualizations  support your strategic decision-making. We help you define future-proof strategies tailored to your specific business or societal context.

FOCUS your innovation

 Our trend search engine and proprietary algorithms provide you with detailed trend insights.  We fuel your innovation programs and help you to focus on impactful and smarter innovation.

Traditional foresight

Humans interpret trends
Expert-based qualitative research
Narrow biased view at a moment in time
Non-transparent methodologies
Conventional trend forecasting methodologies
One size fits all model
Humans apply data science & machine learning to interpret trends
100% data-driven quantitative research
Time-independent, objective & worldwide view
100% transparent
We challenge the status-quo and disrupt the old ways 
Tailored to the business context of organizations

Data-driven foresight

Trend News, insights and cases

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