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Media consumption is evolving at a high pace, confronting media and entertainment organisations
with quite the challenge. Changes are coming your way at lightning speed. The impact on how people
live, work and consume media is enormous. How do you stay on top of the game?

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The battle for consumer attention is on

New players challenge the media world. They create a new reality for consumers who boost expectations to a new level and put traditional players under pressure. Consider how quickly audio and streaming services rose to prominence. Imagine the potential implications of the metaverse, NFTs and Web3 on top of that. With the increasing scarcity of customer attention, its value is on the rise.

Media players who want to be relevant tomorrow cannot afford to let their guard down. They need to cultivate an agile mindset in order to stay future proof. They need to be prepared to reinvent themselves.

If you’re in media, no doubt these questions are on your mind too

How do you, as a media player establish your dot on the horizon?

How to detect early signals of upcoming trends that matter and cannot be ignored? Preferably
before your competitors do?

How do you know that your decisions are “right”?

“The valuable insights we get from Trensition’s Trendtracker are taking our strategic decision-making to a whole new level. It gives us a much richer, multifaceted and objective view of our future role as a public broadcaster in Germany over the next 8 to 10 years.”

– Frederik Peters –
Strategy @ SWR

Why Trensition

Cut through the clutter

A wide variety of themes are impacting the media landscape: video, audio, technology, economics, wellbeing, workforce, politics, societal, demographics, consumer change, …

Thanks to Trensition, media players get an objective view of trends associated with the very themes that will impact their business, taking their specific strategic questions into account.

Anticipate your audience at lightning speed

Content overload confronts media organisations with a challenge and an opportunity at the same time, to reach and engage with consumers in spite of all the information they are exposed to.

With Trensition, you will always be the first to grasp the evolution of content consumption, topics that your target audience cares about and how this will evolve in the years ahead.

On the ball at all times

The impact of fake news? Is audio here to stay? The potential of ‘the metaverse’? What about disruptive innovations such as NFTs? Lessons learned from the start-up scene? Regional differences?

Anticipate emerging trends long before they appear at the surface with Trendtracker; our AI-driven strategic intelligence platform that gives you a continuous, objective and personalised view of your future in the short and the long term.

Proven Track Record

In collaboration with Roularta Media Group (Belgium, Netherlands and Germany) and SWR (Germany), Trensition developed Trendtracker; an innovative, AI-driven trend tracking platform that unlocks the potential of strategic intelligence.

We are one of the winning start-ups and now part of the STADIEM (Start-up Driven Innovation in European Media) ecosystem. Selected as one of four winners from a pool of over 400 start-ups, we are now rolling out projects with various media players.

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Trensition empowers Roularta Media Group’s innovation and strategic sales teams to act fast and with confidence in their strategic decision making by …

Trensition supports the strategy teams of German broadcaster SWR with strategic foresight by aligning scenarios with trends and monitoring strategy …

“Trensition knows the difficulties and needs of strategy and innovation executives and how to provide these stakeholders with the data insights they need to make better strategic decisions.”

– Erwin Danis –
Director Innovation – Roularta Media Group


Those who anticipate their future with Trendtracker take the lead and win

Without Trendtracker

Subjective and inaccurate trend interpretation due to human bias

Difficult to cut through the clutter because of information overload

Uncertainty about the impact of decisions

Manual processing and assessment of trends is time consuming

With Trendtracker

Continuous, objective trend analysis tailored to you, 100% AI-driven

Emerging trend detection including forecasts and prioritisation

Augment strategic decision-making with more certainty

Boosting performance by saving time, money and effort

Personal AI-driven trend insights

More certainty, better decisions

Less time, effort and budget

Unprecedented speed and accuracy

In real-time, 24/7, all year round

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