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If you visit the Trendtracker platform for the first time, you have to create an account.

After creating your Trendtracker account, we ask you a few questions to ensure you get the most out of Trendtracker as part of our onboarding process (Figure 1). Click ‘Get started’ to onboard.

Onboarding introduction

Figure 1: onboarding welcome page.

Privacy policy

To use Trendtracker, you must accept our privacy policy. Please take a moment to acknowledge it and click the checkbox to confirm you agree with our privacy policy (Figure 2). Then, click ‘Continue’ to move to the next step.

onboarding privacy policy

Figure 2: Trendtracker privacy policy.

Select industry

To tailor your experience and suggest trends and trend boards that are the most relevant to you, please select the industry you work in (Figure 3).

onboarding industry selection.

Figure 3: ‘select industry’ onboarding page.

In case your industry is absent from the list of suggested industries, feel free to let us know. Click the button at the bottom of the page to contact us and tell us which industry you were hoping to select (Figure 4).

onboarding missing industry

Figure 4: ‘missing industry’ button at the bottom of the ‘select industry’ page.

After you’ve selected an industry, click the ‘Continue’ button to move on to the final step of the onboarding.

Select interests

Finally, select one or more interests (Figure 5). Similar to the previous step, interests are used to tailor your Trendtracker experience.

You can view all added interests by clicking the ‘View all’ link in the progress banner. Doing so toggles a sidebar which lists all interests you selected and allows you to deselect individual interests or clear them all.

onboarding interests

Figure 5: ‘select interests’ onboarding page.

Press the ‘Continue’ button to finish the onboarding and start using Trendtracker! In case you would like to adjust the industry or interests selected during the onboarding, navigate to the profile page (accessible via the header’s user dropdown) to update them.

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