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Navigate the platform

To help you find your way around Trendtracker, this article provides an overview of the main navigation elements of the application, as shown in Figure 1.

The header is located at the top of each page and features links to the main pages of the application (Figure 1 a, b), the help centre (Figure 1c), and user preferences (Figure 1d). Via the header’s help centre dropdown (Figure 1c), you can access the knowledge base, submit ideas/feedback for us to improve Trendtracker, or contact us for any query. Via the header’s user dropdown (Figure 1d), you may edit your profile, edit your company’s settings (except if you were invited by a colleague from your company), or simply log out. 

The trend board list page is Trendtracker’s homepage after logging in and completing the onboarding. It allows you to create and search trend boards (Figure 1e). To learn more about building a trend board, please read the dedicated article. The rest of the page consists of trend board lists. In Figure 1e, only suggested preview boards are displayed. Once you create your own boards, or if other users share a board with you, they will also be displayed on this page in dedicated lists.

To create an account on the platform, click on the Signup link in the bottom right below the input fields.

Trendtracker navigation

Figure 1: trend board list page. (a) trend board list; (b) explore trends; (c) help centre dropdown menu; (d) user preferences dropdown menu; (e) trend board creation and search; (f) trend board list, here containing preview trend boards.

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