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Use the explore page

The ‘explore trends’ page (Figure 1) lists all the trends publicly available within Trendtracker. It allows the rapid selection of trends based on multiple criteria and serves as a starting point for creating a trend board.

Each trend is represented by a card that displays its title, description, and image. Hovering over the description expands the card to show the full description of the trend. To select the trend, click the image or the ‘+’ icon.

This page features multiple filtering and sorting options:

  • Filter trends by category and subcategory using the left filter panel (Figure 1a).
  • Search for trends by name using the search bar (Figure 1b).
  • Display all trends or recommended trends only (Figure 1c). Trends are recommended based on a given industry and their evolution within this context. Three groups of recommended trends are available:
    1. ‘trending now’: trends having a high impact in the present
    2. ‘trending soon’: trends forecasted to reach a high impact in the near future by our algorithms.
    3. ‘fast movers’: trends that are evolving rapidly.
  • Click ‘Select all’ (Figure 1d) to bulk select all the trends matching the active filtering criteria.
explore trends page

Figure 1: ‘explore trends’ page. (a) filter panel; (b) trend search; (c) all/recommended trend toggle and options; (d) ‘select all’ button.

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