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Manage the Unknown of Innovation

Channel the continuous tsunami of trends and transform it into new products and business models at the right time.

Emerge as winners in the battle for attractive future markets and boost return on innovation.


From data-driven trend monitoring

and analysis to innovation success

The questions we answer for you.

Innovation managers are expected to make long-term strategic choices that often have a large and long lasting impact. On the other hand, it has never been harder to  manage new ventures that get to market first.…but then there was Trensition.

Emerging trend warning

What are the most important emerging trends in my region / sector of interest. When should I consider acting upon them?


What are the main driving forces that will shape the future of work, health, mobility, energy, …?

What are the dynamics between these macrotrends?

Breakthrough moonshots

How do we find the next killer breakthrough innovation before our competition? What are the drivers we should monitor? 

Short-term innovation

What are incremental innovations possibilities. Which similar trends evolutions result in new venture opportunities?


What’s happening in the world for a given trend?

Do I need to take different decisions and actions for different regions in the world?


What are my competitors doing for a given trend?

Who are the early adopters and who are the laggards?

Can I learn from use cases in my sector?


What startups are interesting to put on my radar?

What are the opportunities for collaboration?

What organizations should be on my watchlist?


What’s happening beyond my sector?

What are the interesting ecosystems for my organization to focus on?

100% data-driven insights bring deeper understanding and help you make the right decision.


 Group and analyze trends within your context at all times, at your convenience. Use our configurable radars to keep track of trends impacting your organization.

Human vs. Machine

Run trend surveys for your customers or employees. Compare their qualitative opinions about trend evolutions with our quantitative results.

Regional Scan

Understand regional dynamics and differences. Innovation isn't happening at the same pace everywhere. China's new normal is different than that in Europe or the US. 

Competitor Scan

Monitor your competitors or other organizations of your interest. Detect their innovation efforts and identify the early adopters and the laggards.


All kinds of phenomena and trends continuously impact both our daily lives and society as a whole. Identify how do they converge and assess how these convergencies can transform your industry.


Filter hundreds of millions of documents in the blink of an eye and dig into the latest news about the trends of your interest, in real-time or periodical. 


Discover the different possible future scenarios and their probability of occurring. Take appropriate decisions and actions to timely adjust or define new strategies and remain competitive and relevant in the future

Time Evolution

Look behind an track how trends evolved through time from the past until the present. Track their evolution within various contexts: regions, sectors, ecosystems, competitors, other trends...

Trend News, insights and cases

The Rise of Legal Technology

The Rise of Legal Technology

Similar to the banking and insurance industry, the legal industry is also undergoing some major changes at this moment thanks to the development and application of new legal technologies that unlock a set of new opportunities. The Rise of Legal Technology Based on the...

After Deepfake video comes Deep X

After Deepfake video comes Deep X

Deepfakes ⁠— videos created using AI that can make it look like someone said or did something they have never done ⁠— are spreading faster than anyone anticipated. You've undoubtedly seen a few already: Mark Zuckerberg making a sinister speech about...

The sharing city

The sharing city

The sharing economy disrupts In 2008, Airbnb challenged the traditional hotel sector with its peer-to-peer business model. A year later, Uber did the same and challenged both conventional taxi and food delivery services.  The past decade, the success of both...

Quantum computing

Quantum computing

There is a lot of talk about quantum computing. Some say it's reached quantum supremacy, there was a case of information teleportation, but still, a lot of experts are critical.As quantitative futurists, we like to look at our...

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