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Ageas Group challenges itself and the insurance industry to integrate long-term strategic thinking into its DNA. Trensition plays a crucial role in detecting and prioritising trends, including delivering strategic suggestions.

Consumer Goods

Trensition informs P&G about how to tackle the circular economy and understand what scaling success models are out there.


Trensition takes an AI-driven approach to analyse Barco’s ESG topics leveraging big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to create real-time insights that assess the materiality of known and emerging issues.


Trensition plays a crucial role in detecting and prioritising trends to monitor the strategy and support strategic analysts of BNP Paribas Fortis.


Trensition empowers the Belgian football community by monitoring 60 key trends impacting football and sports and providing insights on innovation and change.


Trensition supports The Beacon by scouting emerging technology trends related to urban infrastructure and public lighting in cities.

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