First step towards a new career:

Full-Stack Engineers

Ghent , Belgium

We are looking for a a software engineer who will work with the entire team on our technology stack (Python, Flask, Spacy, MongoDb, Airflow, GCP, HTML, JS, SCSS, Angular, Clarity, Docker, Git, …)  from the database and the backend to the front-end and integrations with other products. In addition to the technical implementation, you also participate in the analysis and design of product extensions and improvements.

Trend Researchers

Ghent , Belgium

We are looking for a futurist, trend researcher,  trend report builder who will be responsible for supporting clients in building trend boards, and support strategy and innovations teams to inspire, challenge and deliver expert insights on trends based on the actionable insights from our data. If your head is always facing the future and you like to create inspiring content about all kinds of trends, this is a job for you. Your role will be trend expert with data at the heart.

Digital Marketeer

Ghent , Belgium

We are looking for a digital marketeer who will take the lead and set the Trensition digital marketing strategy & roadmap to a high standard. As a fast-growing company, we fully invest in digital channels & platforms to support our growth. We need you to be the  digital marketing guide of these exciting initiatives. You take ownership of the full scope from ideation to implementation, budget follow-up, and leading the Trensition marketing campaigns.