Trend insights after 6 months of COVID-19

At Trensition we are dedicated to quantitative trends analytics. Based on large amounts of data, we investigate how trends will impact your industry and company. 

Data insights in the age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has a massive impact on all aspects of are lives. The outbreak has pushed all of us out of our normal routines. We are adapting new habits and behaviors. By now we have 6 months of worldwide data, we are investigating the current changes in our datastream, trying to get a sensible answer to following questions:

Are all industries equally impacted by the Corona crisis? If not, what industries are more or less impacted?

Have certain business and societal trends slowed down, or speed up?

What technologies get a boost or not?

Can we already make any reasonable conclusions ? Or should we await the outcome of the crisis first?

There are numerous trends impacted, we’ve picked out a few of these trends based on massive request after a LinkedIn post. Many anticipate that these trends are trending or will continue to become impactful trends in the long term. 

For this analysis we’ve looked at the the trend evolution since December 2019 and with a global view.We want to share some of our data with you.

The Trend COVID-19 is basically the perfect S-curve trend. The fact that it is born, growing and maturing in only 5 months is related to this type of heavy impact, fast appearing  trends. .

Are all industries equally impacted by the Corona crisis?

Consumer Trends

Online Shopping

Home Delivery

Buy Local

Sustainable Shopping

Home Drinking

Stay at Home

Want to see which trends impact your organization?

Business Trends

Home office

Online meetings

Employee wellbeing


The Freelance Economy

Agile organisations

Technology trends

If we specifically look the impact of COVID-19 on some technology trends , we clearly see A.I. is trending significantly.

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